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ADOPTION UPDATE: DEC 3, 2020 - Just wanted to share a new photo of Angie. She's pretty content to stay in the original room we set her up in but the door is open for her to roam the house. I also wanted to share a couple of photos of our other Nelson County misfits (check out Veronica's Success Story to view great photos). NOTE: ANGIE WAS ONE OF OUR LONG-TIME RESIDENTS WHO GOT ADOPTED RECENTLY!!! Whas a lucky girl.


ADOPTION UPDATE: OCT 31, 2020 -- We fostered this kitten and her brother Abel last year. They went on transport to Massachusetts. I just received this update. "Hope you and your family are well during these challenging times. Here are some pics of Ariel. We love her more each day! Thanks for giving her such a great start out in life! Best always, Mel"


ADOPTION UPDATE: MAY 30, 2020 -- Hi Sigrid. We are IN LOVE with Nelly(formerly April). She is the best, sweet girl. She was very nervous in the car. Very frightened of traffic noises....I wonder if she had ever been in a car other than animal control?? But as soon as we got her home, she steadily relaxed and now she is running the place! It turns out she is completely house trained. Has not had an accident and is a very respectful house dog. She has been hiking with us and loves her treats. I have spent the last two nights sleeping right beside her and she is definitely relaxing and is even playful. We are MOST grateful to you for saving this precious girl for us. She has already made such a difference in the morale of our family! I will try to attach some photos. She is one happy girl! Thank you Sigrid


This is AMOS the day he was adopted in New Jersey. When one of our partner rescue groups in NJ saw him on our website, they wanted him. He is now a Therapy Dog for people grieving the loss of their pets. He is a very happy boy!


Hazel (formerly Abigail) Miller wanted to wish you Merry Christmas. Thank you for everything you do. Hazel is doing GREAT and we are loving every minute with her.

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