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UPDATE: JULY 13, 2020 - Since you all know and love him (because YOU HELPED HIM for two years), I know you will enjoy these 2 photos of Brent cuddled up with one of his dog siblings (little Beagle Annie) while sleeping IN bed with their parents a couple weeks ago. Brent FINALLY has it all. The entire family (Mom Patty, Dad Derek, Doggie Howser/AH Hound, Nelson/AH Redbone, Annie, & Brent/AH Hound) sleeps together very well in a California King bed! Imagine that!!! It took Brent a few weeks to try it, but once he tried it he liked it! Obviously. Lish and Steve (who sometimes fostered Brent) came down in February (right before COVID 19 LANDED) and we all visited Brent at his new home. Brent was LITERALLY BESIDE HIMSELF to see Lish (he danced and ricocheted all around her and could not believe it was actually her, at first). But her delicious scent and happy sing song voice confirmed it to him...and before long he was the perfect host, sitting beside her on HIS very long, plush, welcoming sofa. It was a joyous reunion all around...with a few happy tears mixed in. We just LOVE these continuous updates about the dogs we all love. Flower UPDATE: AUGUST 30, 2019 - Hi friends. Tomorrow morning Brent will have lived in his new home for ONE WEEK already. He is doing great (though still a bit shy, as can be expected). Patty and Derek love him to pieces and are allowing him to take his time to adjust to everything new. Brent LOVES being able to go in and out as he pleases. He flies through the doggie door with his siblings, and enjoys running and playing with Kendall and Annie. Brent nods on sofa as Ed massages Kendall's hind legs (Kendall loves leg massages) and Doggie naps on dog bed in the shade. This is a very nice, tall decK--it feels like being up in a tree house--and the dogs LOVE hanging out on it. It overlooks one of their huge fenced areas, a large meadow that will have horses someday, and the surrounding dense woods beyond that. When a dog notices something that needs closer investigation, in unison they all run up and down the flight of stairs to make sure all areas "are secure." Brent is always in the middle of the pack too--having the time of his life with his new found freedoms. We absolutely LOVE seeing three of our Almost Home dogs being so happy and well cared for in this magnificent home. Heartwarm short story about Brent... initially an extremely shy dog. Click here to view!


LOOK at how HAPPY Brownie is in his new home with Dian (our Friday volunteer), Pete, and a whole lot of cats. Yes, Brownie has his very own cats now and is he great with them & they even share a bed together! He also has a HUGE YARD of his very own, and he loves to run in it. His favorite toy is the one in his mouth here. Dian and Pete are GREAT with Brownie, too! In fact, they take him to a personal trainer every week, and Brownie is learning so much "in school." All is well in Brownie's world now--that is for sure!!! Dian and Pete are making all of his dreams come true!!!

Bailey (aka Emmet)

ADOPTION UPDATE: MAR 3, 2019 - Bailey (aka Emmet) in his new home.

Bowie (aka Ash)

ADOPTION UPDATE - MARCH 1, 2019 -- Yes all is well with Ash. He has been doing great! Him and Bella get along so well! We love him! He even is gentle with my niece and baby nephew. I am so happy we got him. I also think he will help keep old Bella young, they play together every day.

Bugsy (aka Bug) (FC=dm)

Jan 2, 2018 - We adopted Bugsy 1 year ago today. He is smart, crazy, super active, protective, sweet, and hilarious. He's been a really good boy most of the time. He saved us from so much sadness when we lost our 15 year old Boston Terrier mix. Thank you Bugsy.

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