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Cletus (now Humphrey)

ADOPTION UPDATE: JUNE 14, 2020 - After our first week, it's been quite a week. The first three days were full of nervous energy and he couldn't seem to settle down, as is somewhat expected, I know. Day 3 was probably the worst, but each day since has been significantly better than the day before. He has calmed down so much, and is proving able to be trusted unsupervised for short stretches both inside and outside. He is sitting on his favorite perch on our back stoop, guarding the door, as I type this. Humphrey has really settled into a routine, one that includes multiple walks and a run each day and afternoons basking in the yard or playing with his new best friend Gus. We've already hiked trails by the river three times, and he has met lots of new friends. By 7 or 8 he's usually so wiped out that he just snoozes on the couch or on his bed while we watch tv or play cards. Usually he doesn't even wake up when we have our dinner. I'm attaching some pictures again, to show you what a lazy man he's turned into around the house. Thanks again for everything! It really seems like he's a great fit here. JUNE 7, 2020 -- Let me fill you in on our first day! So Cletus has a new name: Humphrey. He's already starting to respond to it. He's having a little trouble relaxing but it seems natural and it's already getting better. He and Gus are fast friends and started playing soon after ya'all left yesterday. I think it's gonna be great for both of them, and Humphrey will get a ton of energy out just playing with Gus in the yard. We put his bed in our living room and he slept on it while we all watched tv together last night. He was worn out! He loves his crate, and he slept all through the night. He woke up around 6:45, which is only 15 minutes before my alarm was going to go off anyway. We went on our first run this morning, about three miles, and it was great! He loved it and now he's sacked out in my room, giving me a few moments to type this! I'm attaching some pictures and a video of our first day. Thanks again for everything!


ADOPTION UPDATE -- RANGER CAUGHT HIS FIRST FISH on FRIDAY, MARCH 29!!! SERIOUSLY!!! You may remember that Ed helped Cliff learn how to swim in his NEW pond, by using our swimming leash. (See photo of SNIPER looking on as CLIFF takes his first swim there.) Cliff's new mom, Virginia, then assisted in keeping Cliff safe while Cliff improved his water skills, by having him wear a LIFE PRESERVER (see photo). WELL...we got these following words from Cliff's new mom, Virginia, on Friday. "I have to share! Tonight while I was removing horse manure from pasture, Ranger and Sniper were swimming in the pond. I look up and see Ranger coming to shore with a LIVE FISH in his mouth!! He dropped it near my feet and seemed so proud of himself, and then he jumped back in the pond and kept swimming! I wish I would have had my phone for video. My little fisherman." CLIFF/RANGER GOT ONE OF THE BEST HOMES EVER---and will probably catch another fish soon. We always knew HE NEEDED A JOB!!! Way to go, RANGER!!!! Thank you much for giving him exactly what he needs, Virginia!!! ADOPTION UPDATE: DEC 22, 2018 -- Picture of Cliff (new name RANGER) chilling out (on the dog bed with his very own Chihuahua JUJU). His mom Virginia says all four dogs have "the BLUES" because of the rain we've been getting. For sure, our boy Cliff has found the right home!!! And he can REALLY PARTY with his new dog siblings when weather permits outside romps! They enjoyed their first snow very much. ADOPTION UPDATE: OCT 16, 2018 This video taken by Cliff's mom after she got home from work yesterday. (She says it is like this each day when she gets home) 1 year old female Chihuahua - Juju 5 year old female Hound Dog - Miley 3 year old male Black Cattle Dog - Sniper 18 month old Blond/White Cattle Dog - Ranger (Cliff) These dogs have so much fun together! Virginia Johnson is one very wonderful and capable adopter! Cliff got THE BEST home for him!


ADOPTION UPDATE: MAR 21, 2019 - Thought you would enjoy seeing pictures of Miss Cricket in her new bed. We went to PETSMART & got her a warm, orthopedic bed, a new blanket, raised food/water bowls and a pink harness. Took her for a short walk today, she did great. Our 2 dogs followed her all around the yard and everyone did great with introductions. We will keep you updated on her. Thank you for allowing us to give her a new home. God bless.

Cheyenne (aka Cheyene)

ADOPTION UPDATE: DECEMBER 28, 2018 -- Picture of sweet Cheyenne in her new home all festive for Christmas.


MAR 13 UPDATE -- "Somebody graduated this week at the top of her class!! She's such a great pup! She's also in a weight sled class and loves it!" Things are going great!! Cleo was awesome on the drive home and took her to Pet Smart to get her stuff. She picked out a football!! She slept very well and snores like a freight train. Overall she is adjusting well. Attached is a photo of Cleo and her new Mom

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