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Dandy (aka Logan)

ADOPTION UPDATE: DEC 3, 2020 -- We wanted to share this adorable picture sent to us by Dandy's (aka Logan's) adopters. Logan was adopted from Almost Home in February 2018. Veronica (a cat also adopted from our shelter) likes to sleep on Logan's and Mindy's (another adopted beagle) bed so the dogs have to take turns lying next to Veronica.


MAY 219, 2020: ADOPTION UPDATE The giant dog bed that Jeremy has to write a review for came yesterday. Diego approves. Jeremy has nothing but compliments about Diego and his behavior. He was shocked Diego had been at the shelter so long. I told him that was a testament to the hard work and dedication of all our staff and volunteers. He said it definitely shows! Enjoy this photo of Diego FINALLY at home...


UPDATE FROM ADOPTER - JUNE 20, 2019 -- Dewey is a gem. He is so cute and sweet! As long as no one gets close to him while he is on his bed, all is good! (When he is on his bed, I close the glass door, so there is no problem.) Dewey has picked out a number of locations under bushes to dig a little and hang out. But most remarkable is the fact that he really likes all my dogs. He sniffs all of them every day and wags his tail. However, he has special fondness for the girls. He initially made his moves on Fluffy, a toy American Eskimo female, 15 years old. Now he has moved on to Heidi, a beagle mix who is 14 years old. She moves slower, so he has a better chance of keeping up with her! It is really funny. He is a joy to have at my house. I want to thank all of you for taking care of him and teaching him that all people are not bad. Special thanks to Flower and Ed for driving him and introducing all the dogs. Also, special thanks to Flower and Ed for the amazing photographs! Big thanks to Fonda for picking up donations, and spending time with the gang. Last but not least, thanks to Bette for her kind words and for starting Almost Home. I will keep you posted on Dewey's next romantic maneuvers - CINDY _______ DATE: JUNE 16, 2019 -- Dewey's "GotchYa" Day -- 6/15/19 (including video) Our sweet little Dewey was adopted by our shelter's good friend Cindy on Saturday, 6/15/19. Dewey was very good in the car as Ed and I drove him to Northern Virginia. We arrived at 11:00 am and took our time introducing Dewey to each dog, one at a time. There was not one growl or snarl from any dog! We stayed for a few hours to make sure it was a good match, and it was! Dewey literally walked with his tail happily wagging for a full three hours -- sniffing everyone as they sniffed him. We know he must have been very tired, but he could not relax. He was curious about everything and not afraid of anything. (Fonda joined us after she drove a van full of dogs to the Humane Society of Fairfax County, and she spent the night at Cindy's. Fonda said before the evening was over, Dewey did a little bit of "air humping" when he was around Cindy's little white dog Fluffy. He fell totally in love with her. When she had had enough, Fluffy corrected Dewey and he hasn't humped her since. :~) Cindy has several older, special needs dogs that she has rescued over the years, and you will see familiar AH dogs in these photos. She has blessed them with her wonderful home, and huge, magnificent yards too. Fonda and some of Cindy's dogs in Cindy's huge back yard. Cindy's front yard is also huge, and Dewey explored every square inch of each yard, allowing each dog to show him their favorite spots. Cindy has sidewalk paths, park benches, and huge water bowls full of fresh water everywhere! Dewey is right in front of Fonda, as Lloyd takes a pee in the background. -- Flower

Diamond (FC=mo)

UPDATE: OCT 29, 2018 -- Alvetta with her adopted Almost Home dog Diamond (previously Firefly) all dressed up for Halloween.

Doggie Howser (Doggie Howzer)

ADOPTION UPDATE APR 18, 2018: We keep in close touch with Doggie Howser and Kendall's wonderful family. They just got a very nice new deck on the front of their house and their big fenced yard just doubled in size. (Bill Orme did the fencing--the same guy that did our fencing, Astrid's fencing, and the fencing at the shelter---BEST FENCE GUY EVER!) The project was finished yesterday and Doggie Howser and Kendall just LOVE IT. Please enjoy this short video of them "feeling very happy" about the new changes. They are WONDERFUL DOGS and best friends!!! Flower (THANK YOU for sending us this video, Patty!) ADDED. ADOPTION UPDATE: 5/30/16 This photo was taken this morning by Doogie's new mom, Patty. It is Doogie's dad Derek and one of Doogie's little dog sisters, Annie. You can feel the love here, can't you? It is a great way to begin this beautiful day and proof that "house hounds" make wonderful pets. Doogie may have lived for two years at our shelter as a dog no one wanted BUT it was meant to be that he find THIS family and it was worth the wait for him. A match made in Heaven, for sure!!! There is no place like home. UPDATE FROM ADOPTERS: 4/29/16 THE PLAYERS in this first photo: On the left: Sugar, 14 year old rescued Beagle. She plays with Doogie and Annie sometimes, but she can't keep up with them. In the middle: Doogie (Doggie Howser...our beloved old timer.) He has his very own big, comfy bed (just like this one) BUT he's enjoying time on Annie's bed instead. He loves to be close to other warm individuals...especially during storms! When it storms, Annie isn't afraid and she cuddles with him so he can relax. It works! On the right: Annie, 5 year old rescued Beagle. Annie is "the boss" of the dogs. Doogie is in love with her and he does everything she invites him to do OR tells him not to do. They play and play, run and chase, and take turns sharing their favorite large stuffed toy. (The toy is almost as big as Annie.) She is so small she sometimes gets under Doogie (during play) so he can't get too her. THAT is an excellent strategy! J They make their mom Patty, and dad Derek, laugh all the time. Life is very good for Doogie now! His PERFECT FAMILY found him and it was definitely worth the 2-year wait. His is a rags to riches" story if ever there was one. He STILL hasn't done anything wrong in his new home... other than "mark" his bed once ...this is mine..., a small corner of the sofa once (just inside the front door "this is MY home"), and Sugar and Annie once or twice "these girls are mine." His family didn't mind "these markings" at all...they just cleaned them up and bathed the girls. J It seems that Doggie is done marking his things now but he isn't finished BEING HAPPY!

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