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Erin (aka Shelly Marie)

ADOPTION UPDATE: 2/24/18 I had my vet draw blood sample for Shelly Marie's DNA. RESULTS: 50% American Fox Hound The other 1/2 is Chow??!! with Golden Retriever?! and Mixed breeds all together. Shelly seems pretty content with her daily routines. 1 year adoption anniversary coming up in March. Carolyn M ********************* ERIN (FROM THE NEGLECT CASE) -- NEW NAME "SHELLY MARIE" IS NOW A BELOVED PET TOO! SHE LOVES SLEEPING IN HER MOM'S BEDROOM...AND SHE LIKES CATS TOO! She is very shy and enjoys a small world with a routine she can trust. Learning to trust has been a huge issue for all of these dogs--but they are managing to do it because they are living with unconditional love and patient, wonderful people. Thank you for loving her the way you do, Carolyn! Adopted 3/7/17. BELOW ARE SOME OF THE MANY UPDATES WE HAVE GOTTEN FROM HER WONDERFUL MOM, CAROLYN. 3/9/17 - A little progress: she finally trusted enough to lie down and nap while I watched TV in living room today. By the way, I named her Shelly Marie, after a collie belonging to my Aunt Marie when I was a child. 4/7/17 - HAPPY 1 MONTH ANNIVERSARY! Shelly Marie was adopted March 7. Though still shy, in fact, hyper vigilant, she has settled in. Milestone: finally took biscuit from my hand. Carolyn M 9/9/17 - Shelly is fine and healthy. Good buddies with the cats. She had a wellness Vet visit. (Stevie helped me with car trip.) Shelly has been with me 6 months. Has made a lot of progress and is VERY SETTLED in a routine. By that I mean we follow the same route for a walk; if we deviate she gets upset and just stops or tries to pull to the familiar path. Shows very little affection but likes being in my room with me rather than own bed. However she has wonderful qualities: housebroken, does not bark, jump or get on furniture. Does not beg but will take a treat from my hand. Carlyn M

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