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ADOPTION UPDATE: FEB 19, 2019 - I thought you'd like to see Grayson's new, soft coat as it grows in. He is truly the softest dog I've ever felt. He's sleeping with us on the bed now. We kept him crated for while, but really, who wants to do that?! lol! And he's feeling quite secure in his new life and home. As witnessed by his sleeping contentedly on his back! :) He is so, so sweet, it's unimaginable that anyone could have neglected him so. I believe he hasn't had a single accident in the house since he arrived. (It's hard to know when you have another dog and look after your sister's dog.) He's such a good boy. OH! And he's learned to go down our long flight of stairs from the second floor. We're working on his going up. I know he'll get it! (It's those short little legs!) He's pacing right now, waiting for his Dad to get home. Still loving his Dad who picked him up from the transport.


UPDATE FROM ADOPTERS... FEB 2018 I am Sylvia. My husband Jarrett and I adopted Giselle (who we renamed Lucy) from the Charlottesville/Albemarle SPCA about three weeks. I promised to give you an update once she'd settled in. Lucy, from the very start, has been a very shy and cautious cat, who scares easily. After our trip home, she spent the first 24 hours in her new litter box after which she found a safe and comfortable spot on some bookshelves in the office space where we decided to let her get used to her new surroundings. She has also been incredibly fond of being petted, and particularly loves long belly rubs. Since arriving here, she has slowly been exploring the rest of the house outside her safe room. Sometimes I try to entice her to come explore the hallway and stairwell with me (I have spent more time on my belly and all fours than I ever thought I would), which she is usually eager to do. She still seems to be slightly more scared of and cautious around Jarrett, and often won't actively approach him. She does love his belly rubs, and we suspect that with some more time she will realize that she is in a totally safe environment with people who love her. Lucy has had her first visit to the vet with us (well, with Jarrett, which might explain why she is less into him at the moment). The vet said that Lucy is in perfect health and has all the makings of a truly wonderful cat - which we completely agree with. So, in short, I expect it will still take some time before Lucy feel entirely at home and at ease but we are here to give her all the love, petting, and belly rubs she needs until she reaches that point. I have included some photos of Lucy below, so you can see how she's doing :). All the best, Sylvia

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