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ADOPTION UPDATE: OCT 31, 2020 - Stanley is our cute little beagle that recently finished his heartworm treatment. He was adopted by a wonderful family that has adopted 2 other dogs from almost home over the years... Following is an update from his adopters... "I took this photo this morning (Saturday 9 am). They have had breakfast and been outside to the bathroom. Usually they like to run and rough house, but it is a bit cold today. They are both sweet and non confrontational; so, they have absolutely no dominance issues. He is doing well on house training. He goes to the back door when he needs to. He sleeps well in his crate, and is so very cute! He is still a bit fearful, though. But we expect he'll eventually get used to his new surroundings. We are so very happy he has joined our family. Annie has a new lease on life. Stay safe and keep doing the wonderful things you are doing for homeless pets."

Shelton (aka Baxter)

ADOPTION UPDATE: OCTOBER 31, 2020 - 10-year-old Beagle Baxter (his name was Shelton when he lived at AH). He was adopted by Lish and Steve Lorenz on 8/27/20 and lives with them in Avondale, PA. They live close to the beach and one of Baxter's favorite things to do is go "surf fishing" with Steve while Lish is at work. (Retired Steve does a lot of surf fishing.) Baxter is very interested in things he discovers on the beach--especially the dead crabs. (Dont worry, he doesn't try to eat them.) Being from Nelson County, he's never seen anything like "the beach" before! Baxter has taken a real liking to Steve. They go every place and enjoy doing manly things together! On the weekends Baxter loves it when the whole family goes on hiking adventures or wine tastings together. (Lish and Steve always social distance and wear masks.) Baxter's legs and muscles have been getting much stronger since he has been getting some healthy exercise during his hikes and many neighborhood walks. We knew that Baxter would "become famous" in his neighborhood and he HAS! He HATES to get wet though and truly does enjoy staying dry under his new raincoat. After his walks he LOVES taking sun baths on his soft dog beds--in the house or out on the deck where he keeps an eye open for deer, squirrels, and rabbits. For CERTAIN, he is one pampered pooch now! Flower

Savannah (aka Anna)

ADOPTION UPDATE: 7/28/2020 Savannah's (new name Anna) parents invited us over to social distance on their patio and catch up on Anna's great life this morning. Anna is THRIVING in her new home like you cannot believe. Though she is still a smart and careful girl, she greeted us when we arrived and remembered us after sniffing us carefully about three times. And THEN she let us love, love, love on her...just like old times at the shelter. We took Anna and her two dog brothers (Cody and Dillon) a "hostess gift" of Frosty Paws and though they had never had them before and didn't know what they were, they each took their treats to their special (and private) places, social distancing while they thoroughly enjoyed them. (If you don't know what Frosty Paws are, they are great little cups of doggy ice cream (no dairy) that you can find in the ice cream freezers in most grocery stores (near the ice cream bars for people). As a special frozen treat, dogs love em!) Anna got in her swimming pool three times while we were there..showing off like the water girl that she is. While on leashed walks she often swims in the pond or lake, but she loves, loves, loves enjoying her own pool whenever she wants to (and that is OFTEN). Feeling so free, happy, and pool cool, she then ran and played in her huge securely fenced yard. It was already a large, securely fenced yard, but her new dad Rob made it extra large and even more secure for her, once they adopted her. Any time I wanted her to come to me, all I had to do was call her name and she came zooming over. Below is a photo of Anna and her mom Karen resting on a large patio sofa, after the Frosty Paws party. Look how cute Anna sits on her butt. (Karen took her mask off for only a minute for this great photo.) Anna also loves her dad Rob VERY MUCH--she is a daddy's girl too. Anna hit the jackpot for sure, in this wonderful family. Swimming pools and Frosty Paws are great summertime treats but NOTHING can compare to having the perfect Forever Home every day of the year.

Scarlet (aka Charlotte)

ADOPTION UPDATE - 5/24/20 -- I got home with Scarlett, and everyone sniffed her a lot. She ran around the backyard perimeter, but kept running to the doggy gate where she came in, trying to leave. However, after that, she came into the house. So, within 5 minutes of arriving, she was in the house. But she, of course, was stressed so she came in and went out about 100 times. I had both back doors wide open. Then I did not see her and began to worry, so I went to look for her. There is was on the big doggy cushion in the sunroom next to Ollie. She is no longer nervous. She found a spot that she loves! Before this photo, she was turned around, watching the street. The sunroom pillows are a favorite hound dog hang out for Ollie, Virginia, and Laura. Henry prefers the sofa in the living room. So, when I went outside with other dogs through the sunroom, Scarlett followed to go outside, but as soon as she heard any noise outside, she would rapidly run back into the sunroom and sit/lay on a pillow. (My neighbors are playing music on their deck.) But I am thrilled that Scarlett found her safe place! She is really not behaving shy with me. When I sit down and the other dogs want to be petted, she comes up too, to get petted! My dogs really don't know what to think of her, but they have not had a chance to play with her yet! That will change everything. I told Virginia not to worry, she is not being replaced! When it is time to sleep, I will just close the sliding doors. She can sleep in the sunroom! Thank you for trusting me with Scarlett! She is going to fit right in. 5/26/20 - The first night in the house, Scarlett slept in the sunroom and was very happy. Last night, I was ready to go to bed at midnight, and she was not in the sunroom. She was dancing outside! OMG! She was doing that dance that happy dogs do when they want to play, and are also teasing you. She was leaping and frolicking and waiting for someone to join her in the backyard! When I saw her sheer joy, I went inside to get Ollie and Henry. They came out and all 3 disappeared into the darkness to run and play in the big grassy area. I did not want to squash her joy, so I waited till they came back. The boys came back totally winded and panting hard, so I know for sure they had been running. Scarlet was beyond happy. Where was Virginia? She was sleeping inside. She needs solid rest to keep up her supermodel good looks. Why was Scarlett playing at midnight? The neighborhood was very quiet -- no noise at all from anyone, plus it was a super nice cool night. It was so great to see her dance for joy! She is such a smart girl. (She saw me leave with a couple of my dogs in my car today. I took them to the vet. She took that opportunity to check out the inside of my house further and hang about! Pretty darn smart!) 5/27/20 - This morning, she was dancing in the morning! But Scarlett is so darn fast that I could only get one semi-decent photo. She does not like my little phone when it clicks taking a photo, so when she sees me holding it, she does not come close enough. Ugh! But at least now you know she dances in the morning too. Also, she is in the mood to decorate -- a good sign. She decided to carry an extra pillow up to her favorite spot -- a huge fluffy pillow that was out there. Too funny.

Scout -

ADOPTION UPDATE: DEC 14, 2019 Thanks for letting us adopt Scout!

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