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Animal Success Stories

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Timex - H2H

ADOPTION UPDATE APRIL 1, 2020 - We are very happy to report that Timex has found his forever home. His new name is Winston, for Winston Churchill who said, "Never give up!" Timex has come through all of his treatments (and an unexplained seizure) with grace and his usual loving nature. He can now be found draped across his new family's legs as they watch TV in the evenings. This sweet boy finally has the life he deserves!

Tiger -

ADOPTION UPDATE: DEC 30, 2019 -- For all those who remember Tiger, the stray cat that had been hit by a car sometime in her past leaving an old fracture of the pelvis that never healed right and some hip and leg stiffness, I wanted to let you know she is in a great home with my son and his family. We saw Tiger over Christmas and she is very happy in her new home where there are 5 other cats and a dog. She is my grandchildren's FAVORITE of all their cats. Here's a picture of her...She is so sweet. She sleeps with my granddaughter.


ADOPTION UPDATE: NOV 25, 2019 --- I just wanted to give you an update on Toodles. She is amazing and we love her so much. She is doing great.

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