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Lost & Found Animals 
Nelson County & Vicinity

Instructions for Posting Lost and Found Aninals on this website

As a community service, Nelson County Humane Society/SPCA will post photos and information about lost and found animals here in an effort to help reunite animals with their owners.  To post an animal, please email our webmaster at You will need to provide:  

(1) animal description (breed, color, sex, size),
(2) your contact informationn (email and/or phone INCLUDING AREA CODE),
(3) location AND date animal was last seen/found INCLUDING TOWN/CITY, and
(4) a photo (if possible). 

If you are looking for your pet, please check back here OFTEN as LOST/FOUND animals are posted continually and as soon as possible after information is received by the webmaster.  Check the bottom of this page for tips on how to  find your lost dog. 

Do you have a Facebook Account?  
If so, you can post Lost/Found animals via "Lost/Found/Free Pets Nelson County, VA"

PERM Lost and Found Instructions
Please select this link for more information -  "Code of Virginia Regarding Reporting the finding of companion animals"  

Contact Animal Control and Almost Home

This does not replace the need for people to contact Nelson County Animal Control  at 434 263-7047 AND Almost Home at 434 263-7722 to report lost and found animals and to continue with follow-up calls.   Also, Charlottesville SPCA at 434 973-5959 & Lynchburg Humane Society at 434 448-0088.

Report A Lost/Found Pet on the  PawBoost-powered Facebook Page using the following link: 

NOTE:  For animals that are lost or found in Wintergreen, I recommend sending an email to the Wintergreen Valley Association at and also provide them with information and a picture of the animal.  They will send out an email to Wintergreen residents.   

information and a picture of the animal.  They will send out an email to Wintergreen residents.   

UPDATE:  AUGUST 2, 2020 - We found our cat this morning.  Thank you for posting.  Chris

JULY 30, 2020 – LOST CAT - THE LEDGES, WINTERGREEN RESTORT -- Our 5 year old female cat (Vesta) went missing yesterday.  She is black with white markings on her chest and tummy.  She weighs about 8 pounds.  She has a chip, which would show her residing in Jupiter, Florida. We reside at The Ledges, Wintergreen Resort.  It is possible she fell off the balcony.  If seen or found, please Chris or Tom at Phone 561-309-8307 or 561-363-1957.

JULY 26, 2020 - LOST BEACH GROVE AREA OF NELSON COUNTY -- I am missing a grey male kitty about 7 to 8 months old. He has a flea collar on and is not neutered. Disappeared the weekend of 7/26 in the Beech Grove area of Nelson.  If found or seen, please contact Marie at 434-987-4450.

lost 5


LOST JULY 22 MASSIES MILL, 341 BROWNS HOLLOW LANE -- Equus is a lab/chow mix, 60 pounds with black fur with grey, neutered male, 16 years old and DEAF. Kite is a mixed breed, black and tan spayed female. She is 8 years old and missing her left front leg. Both dogs have ID collars. If seen or found, please call Lisa or Matt at 540 470-0052 or 434 944-1387.

  help2 help 1

UPDATE:  JULY 19, 2020 - 
Yay! Our Sandy just came back! We're so happy & excited to see her! Very thirsty, but otherwise in good shape. 

Our indoor cat, Sandy, has gotten out & has been missing for a couple of days. We're in Arrington, VA, on Wilson Hill Road near Kingswood Baptist Church. She is fixed and likes women more than men typically. Any help would be appreciated in bringing her home. If seen, we can be contacted at 434-263-4693.

 lost 1 lost 3

UPDATE - JULY 4, 2020 - Copley has been found.  

JULY 3, 2020 - LOST - 471 Shamokin Springs Trail, Wintergreen -- Copely was last seen by their owners at 471 Shamokin Springs Trail in Nellysford. She is a vizsla and about 40lbs., skittish but friendly. Responds to the command "Right Here" instead of "Come".  Please contact Eric if you find her at 727 741-3048 or 508 596-3449.
Lost Copley

JUNE 24, 2020 – LOST -  PINEY RIVER/NELSON AMHERST AREA – Please keep a look out for 2 dogs, Sadie and Copper.  They went for a run last night and didn’t come back. They are in the Piney River area.   Copper has Sadies’ collar on and the address has not been updated.  My phone number is 434 444 4751 and if you see them please give me a call and I will contact my brother, Timothy, the owner of the dogs.  His name should be on her collar.  Thank you.  Amanda Fisher. 
lost 20 lost 21

UPDATE:  JUNE 23, 2020 - Kevin has been found! Came home late this evening. Thanks for your help!

Kevin is a black and tan and beagle weighing 30 lbs. He was last seen at midnight on Friday.   Kevin is shy and timid but not aggressive at all. If seen/caught/found please call Sadira at 612-212-1162

UPDATE:  JULY 18, 2020 - Letting you know we found our dog!! Thanks

JUNE 13, 2020 -LOST - 6865 HEARDS MOUNTAIN RD, COVESVILLE -- I lost my pit-bull mix, Sophie, on June 13. She was last seen at 6865 Heards Mountain Road, Covesville. She is 75 pounds white with Brown spots.  If found, please contact Jeff at (703) 338-0744
lost sophie 1 lost sophie 2

UPDATE:  JUNE 22, 2020 -- Buddy returned home.

JUNE 9, 2020 - LOST - MOSBY LANE, FABER ... 
My granddaughter's cat is missing.  Buddy is about 2-3 years old... a neutered grey male with a white triangle on his chest.  He has a purple collar with his name (Buddy).  His owner's contact number (Amanda Wyant) is 434 989-0684.  She is very worried.  Thank you -- Sherry Harman at
lost buddy

LOST MAY 8, 2020 - SUNRISE DR., AFTON -- Ash is a super sweet boy – very cuddly – and comes when I whistle for him.  He’s a black and grayish brown tabby with white patches on his chest, paws and the tiniest tip of his tail.   Ash does not have a collar on.  Please call or text Sara at 540-836-4721, if you see him.  

ash 4 Ash 2

UPDATE:  Jacob has been found and then ran away again on June 21, 2020.  He was again found and reunited with his owner.

Jacob, a large hound of about 70#s went missing last night,  at about 6:45PM. While returning from a long walk, we ran across some deer and in the excitement, Jacob's collar slipped off and he has been chasing them ever since. He will likely become tired and hungry later, and seek out some civilization for food. If found, could you please contact Robbie O'Cain, 2127 Mountain Road, Afton, VA 22920, Mobile: (828)215-3503

 lost 2 lost 3

LOST MARCH 24 2020 - WINTERGREEN - medium sized dog named Tucker  went missing in Wintergreen last night. If found, please contact Angela Marie Faris at 540 241-1278
lost tucker 2

REWARD -- LOST MAR 22, 2020 - POWHATAN, VA - My dog, Tanner, ran away from TNT Dog Training in Powhatan, VA on Sunday, March 22 at 6:30 am.  I have put up flyers and searched for him for a week and contacted the local animal shelter.  I thought I would reach out to all of you (even cat shelters) in case he has travelled (or been taken) and you have seen him.  I am desperate.  He is a 5 lb., tan (light brown) Pomapoo and was wearing a black and grey collar with his name "Tanner" on it and my phone number (804) 350-6906 or 804 837-4813.  If you know anything about him, please contact me ASAP.  There is a $1000 reward being offered.
  tanner 1 tanner 2

FOUND MAR 14, 2020 ON ROCKFISH VALLEY TRAIL, NELLYSFORD --  This dog is very friendly...  collar but no tags.  Looks like an adult beagle mix.  I can be reached at 703-930-8347 or 
found H foundml

FOUND JAN 25, 2020 9:30 am - Rt. 29 - LOVINGSTON -- We found this adorable old dog on Rt. 29 South - 14 miles north of Lovingston.  We took him to the Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center as it was the only place open. The number for the shelter is 540-943-5142.  Our information is Emily Einwald 937-499-0689 Penny White 330-285-8842 or email us at
found A Found B



  1. Owners should microchip their animal
  2. Owners should put collars and identity tags (including contact info) on their pets
  3. Provide Animal Control & Nelson County  SPCA with a description and picture of lost/found animals and location where last seen
  4. Check back regularly with Animal Control & Nelson County SPCA about lost/found animals

TIPS FOR FINDING A LOST CAT:  What to Do If Your Cat Is Missing  

Tip Lost Cat


2014-01-20 - How To Find a Lost Dog 




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