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Each month Almost Home features an exceptional cat and dog of the month.  These animals are selected because they are particularly deserving of adoption…either because of their unique personalities, popularity among staff, particular need for a permanent home, or length of time at our shelter.  This month’s picks are shown below.  For more pictures and information, select the applicable link below. 

Because featured animals are often adopted quickly, we recommend that
you call the shelter to verify the animal is still available for adoption.

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  Dog of Month:   Blake        Cats of Month:  Alix

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, interested adopters need to call
the shelter and make an appointment to view an animal.


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Almost Home averages between $5,000 - $8,000 per month for medications, vaccines and medical bills.  For more information on how you can help with medical expenses, please go to our Help To Heal Fund  page. Current needs...

WINTER 2020-2021

Rubicon, a 3-year-old, 18.6 pound VERY SKINNY Beagle that was freewheeling and lost in a world of hurt, before he was found by a good Samaritan.  Animal control made sure that he got immediate veterinary attention and that no one was searching for him.  Even still, he came to Almost Home with a horrible wound on his back and was also infected with heart worms. It looked as if he had been cut by something very sharp and his skin peeled apart down to muscle.  He is currently going through hear-worm treatment.

 rubicon H2H

 Smoke and her two littermates, Ash and Soot, survived a house fire.  Smoke’s ears were burned by the intense heat but are healing well.  When examined, it was discovered that Smoke has a grade 4 or 5 heart murmur most likely meaning that she has a congenital defect in the development of the heart. Smoke will need to undergo surgery.  

H2H Smoke

Callie Briggs was injured in a domestic incident in December 2020. She suffered a broken jaw, and damage to the optic nerve of her left eye. While she was undergoing surgery, the vet also found a malignant mammary tumor which was removed.  Callie is recovering from her surgeries and remains just as loving and sweet as can be. Her jaw is wired shut until mid-February. The globe of her eye is intact, but she has no sight due to the permanent damage to the optic nerve.

H2H Callie Briggs H2H Callie Briggs 2


Twelve-week old Loodie was hit by a car.  Although there were no internal injuries, she had several broken bones which required surgery.  She has been under care at Lovingston Veterinary Hospital while she recovers.  

H2H Loodie 1 H2H Loodie 2

Nutmeg a sweet 3 year old Fox Hound mix, came to our shelter recently very thin and needing to gain weight.  Unfortunately also she tested positive for Heartworm and is currently undergoing expensive treatment.  While she heals, she must be kept very calm for the next three months.   

H2H - Nutmeg

was brought to our shelter after being found under a tractor all alone. He was so small and was just not thriving. Eventually, Fonzie was x-rayed to try to find out why he was doing so poorly, and it was discovered that he had a hole in his diaphragm the size of a golf ball. Fonzie had surgery to repair the hole and to put his intestines back where they belong.  It was noted that his right lung was underdeveloped which explains his wheezy breathing. Each day seems to brings more improvement as he heals from his surgery. 

H2H Fonzie

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"Animals are created by the same loving hand of God which created us...It is our duty to protect them and to promote their well-being.”  —Mother Teresa

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