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Pfeifer Abuse Case Dogs Photo Gallery

Where Are The Pfeifer Dogs Now?

by Flower vanKan

                On March 14, 2011 authorities seized five adult dogs and three puppies from a home on Rockfish Valley Highway in the Faber area of Nelson County.  Three dogs were found dead along with several plastic bags of canine body parts.  Thanks to Almost Home, the dogs that survived the neglect, abuse, and horrific conditions, received appropriate veterinary care and were temporarily housed or fostered until Almost Home could make space available for them.  We named them Dylan, Ben, Joey, Jake, and new mother Hope.  Though scared and shy, not one of them was fear aggressive.  They did not want revenge.  They wanted love.

                It took a while, but we are happy to report that all of these dogs have been adopted and are thriving today.  Dylan was adopted by the woman who temporarily housed him as soon as Almost Home rescued him.  Hope’s puppies were sent to the Northeast Animal Shelter in Massachusetts and quickly adopted there.  Ben and Joey are living in Vienna with a wonderful woman and her menagerie of other rescued dogs.  Not caring at all that Ben is blind on one eye and that parts of Joey’s lips are missing, she adopted them both because they needed each other.  Hope is now a valued family member of a dog smart couple near Charlotte Court House who has been rescuing dogs for years. She is missing some teeth, but her broken tail now wags all the time.  Jake has been welcomed with open arms into his forever family in Greenville.  He was discovered by Shawn (the 15 year old son of his new family), who was touched by a poster he saw of Jake standing on his three legs and insisted on paying Jake’s adoption fee with some of the money he had been saving to purchase a used truck.  Shawn was all set to build Jake a ramp for negotiating the stairs inside his home, but Jake climbed the stairs as soon as he got there—moving right in and quickly becoming friends with the other rescue dogs and cats in his new family. 

                Without generous donations like yours, and adopters who know that the neediest dogs can make nice family pets too, we would be unable to continue helping dogs like Dylan, Ben, Joey, Jake, Hope (and her puppies), and other animals that have fallen upon hard times.  Thank you for your support which enables us to save and re-home deserving animals like these.

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Ben at Almost Home

Ben adjusting at AH

Ben in his Vienna Home

Ben in Vienna Yard

Ben On Bed with Sister


Hope at Almost Home

Hope At Almost Home

Hope at Charlotte Court House Home

Hope On Couch

Jake at Almost Home

Jake in his AH room

Jake After Adoption

Jake with his new buddy

Jake in Greenville, VA

Jakes' Ramp

Jake's Ramp - 2

Joey at Almost Home

Jake and Shawn

Joey at Almost Home

Joey On Sofa - 2

Joey with other rescue dogs

Joey in his new Vienna Home

Ben and Joey's Sun Room

Ben and Joey's Big Back Yard

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