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Humane Society/SPCA of Nelson County - ALMOST HOME

29 Stagebridge Road, Lovingston, VA  22949

Phone:  434 263-7722


Posted animals are physically located at the above address except when indicated with the following notations after the animal’s name:

  • Animal Name (FC=initials) -- indicates the animal is living in Foster Care. To meet the animal, please contact the foster directly when contact information is provided; otherwise call the shelter at 434 263-7722.
  • Animal Name (COURTESY) – this animal is posted as a public courtesy using information provided by the owner.  Our shelter does not own or guarantee the information provided by the owner to be complete and accurate.  Also, adoption does not involve our shelter but is strictly between the adopter and the owner.


About LLoyd

  • Location: 29 Stagebridge Road Lovingston VA 22949 (434) 263-7722
  • Declawed: No


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UPDATE 2/23/18

Seized in a neglect case on the eve of Christmas Eve 2016, Lloyd is one of 11 dogs found severely neglected at a home not far from here.  (His story is at the bottom of this write-up.)  He appears to be a Retriever/Shepherd (mix) approximately 10+ years old, and weighs 40 pounds.  This sweet little fella is somewhat hearing impaired, blinded by cataracts and most of his teeth have been pulled.  His once dry skin is looking good now; his hair is SUPER SOFT!  He needs to take a daily medicine to keep his bladder walls healthy, but once he is in a home that can get him outside often enough to pee regularly, the vet feels his bladder may improve on its own.  Lloyd is VERY clean in his room (he doesn’t want to pee in it), so he holds his pee for way too long here.

PLEASE DON’T STOP READING now, thinking Lloyd isn’t the dog for you.  He has a “bucket list” and needs a good home like all dogs do.  He is a sweet and very social dog who loves to go on outings and adoption events with shelter volunteers.  He has been “the star of the show” at several local wineries and Wintergreen events.  Last weekend he was “the greeter” at the door of the Silverback Distillery at a Kissing Booth event the Distillery has for our shelter on a regular basis.  Many kids fell in love with Lloyd and he fell in love with them too.  So sweet!

He needs to live with someone who can give him a nice, predictable, small place (and routine) to feel comfortable in, and a fence yard that he can learn to navigate on his own, once he knows its perimeters.  He also needs a home that doesn’t have more than one or two steps that he will need to navigate. 

We all spend quality time with Lloyd.  He loves attention, treats, and body rubs.  He also enjoys supervised walks in the grass where he can safely take in the smells and sensations of fresh air.  Even though he is blind, he is amazingly capable.  He trusts us and enjoys excursions to places where he can mosey around, sniff the grass, and feel the sun on his body.  Most dogs grew up being able to enjoy sunshine and soft grass, but not sweet Lloyd.  It is his turn now. 

Lloyd is a special needs dog but there are SO MANY POSITIVES with him.  Even though he uses his nose and ears to navigate, he is good on a leash, once he starts walking.  He NEVER pulls on leash, though he sometimes “Donkey stops” if something scares him.  He does best in a calm, quiet, predictable environment where he can let his nose and ears lead him along.  He has a bit of difficulty with steps, but can manage a step or two. 

In his room and the outside runs where his environment is always the same, he can find his way to his bed, his water bowl, his food bowl and snacks, and his favorite places to potty.  He also navigates a small, grassy fenced yard well too, once he “learns and remembers” where the actual fence is.

When it is quiet enough for him to hear, he comes when called and enjoys being petted and having his butt scratched.  He is very sweet, polite, and accepts treats with a very gentle mouth.  He is “a leaner” and he LOVES AFFECTION.  He only barks to say “hey, come love on me” or “I need to go potty.”

He loves sleeping on soft dog beds and never destroys his blankets or anything else.  When you see him curled up asleep on his bed, your heart melts. 

He would do well as an only dog in a calm home OR with a very mellow dog his size or smaller—a dog that would NOT mind him getting IN THEIR FACE and constantly sniffing them.  Lloyd likes other dogs very much but if you have other dogs they must be of a temperament to not mind his nose in their face and elsewhere—repeatedly exploring them in an attempt to get to know them.  Lloyd does not heed the growls of other dogs—and this can get him into trouble with the wrong dog. 

He is very clean in his room and does his best to not soil it.  The more his person can get him out to pee, the better to prevent bladder infections.  We feel he would be easy to house train once he knows his person will get him outside often enough to be.  (Since he lived in inches deep feces while being neglected in a bedroom, he’s had enough of THAT!  He wants to keep his space clean.)

We don’t know how much time Lloyd may have left (there are no guarantees in life) BUT we do know Lloyd would like to BE someone’s special family member for his first time ever!

Lloyd’s story:  In December 2016, 11 dogs were seized from a home where they had been severely neglected for years (but had been given food and water).  Some were living outside without shelter, and some (including Lloyd) were living in a bedroom with inches of feces on the floor.  None had ever walked on grass or been to a vet.  Many had cataracts. Their nails were very long and some were growing into their feet pads.  All of the dogs were friendly.  We vetted them well and had their bad teeth pulled.  Nearly all but Lloyd have been adopted or are in foster care now.  If you can’t adopt him, could you perhaps foster him?


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