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Almost Home occasionally receives requests to do courtesy postings on our website.  Before asking us to courtesy-post, please read the following information.

  • Unless specifically stated to the contrary, Almost Home will not have evaluated, met, or interacted with these dogs.
  • Almost Home cannot attest to the temperament, health, or suitability of these dogs.
  • Almost Home recommends that anyone interested in adopting one of these dogs discuss the dog’s temperament with its current owner and/or obtain a professional temperament evaluation of the dog.
  • Almost Home assumes no liability, financial, or legal responsibility for said animals.
  • Almost Home will not courtesy post litters of puppies.
  • Courtesy postings will remain on the website for 6 months after which they will be removed unless notified sooner regarding a change in status, i.e. adoption or no longer available. 

Requirements For Courtesy Posting

Almost Home may agree to courtesy-post your animal if the following requirements are met:

  • The owner must provide a valid contact email and phone number.
  • All animals must be spayed or neutered.
  • The owner agrees to assume the responsibility of screening applicants.

Almost Home Needs The Following Information To Post Your Animal

The following information should be emailed to:

  1. Dog’s location – town or city, state
  2. Brief description of the dog to include information such as:
    • Gender (male or female)
    • Age (young, adult or senior)
    • Date of Birth: (if known)
    • Primary Breed (indicate mixed if applicable)
    • Secondary Breed (if applicable)
    • Adult Size (small, medium, large or extra large)
    • Color
    • Coat length (short, medium, long or wire)
    • Housebreaking status (yes or no)
    • Personality traits
    • Walks well on a leash (yes or no)
    • Dog friendly (yes, no or unknown)
    • Cat friendly (yes, no or unknown)
    • Kid friendly (yes, no or unknown)
    • Altered (spayed/neutered?
    • Current on Vaccinations?
  3. Information indicating whether the dog has ever bitten a human or other animal, the result if yes, and whether the dog has ever been deemed a dangerous dog. 
  4. A brief explanation of the reason you need to find the dog a new home.
  5. Name and phone number of pet's veterinarian.
  6. The contact information (phone number and/or email address) you would like to see advertised in the posting.
  7. Digital photo(s) of your dog...up to 4.  The better the photo, the better your chances of finding a home for you animal.

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